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  • Издательство: Oxford University Press
  • Год: 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-530106-9
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Содержание (оглавление)

CYCLE 1: Introduction 3
CYCLE 2: Structure Defines Function 29
CYCLE 3: Diversity of Cortical Functions Is Provided by Inhibition 61
CYCLE 4: Windows on the Brain 80
CYCLE 5: A System of Rhythms: From Simple to Complex Dynamics 111
CYCLE 6: Synchronization by Oscillation 136
CYCLE 7: The Brain’s Default State: Self-Organized Oscillations in Rest and Sleep 175
CYCLE 8: Perturbation of the Default Patterns by Experience 206
CYCLE 9: The Gamma Buzz: Gluing by Oscillations in the Waking Brain 231
CYCLE 10: Perceptions and Actions Are Brain-State Dependent 262
CYCLE 11: Oscillations in the “Other Cortex”: Navigation in Real and Memory Space 277
CYCLE 12: Coupling of Systems by Oscillations 334
CYCLE 13: Tough Problems 357
References 373

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The short punch line of this book is that brains are foretelling devices and their predictive powers emerge from the various rhythms they perpetually generate. At the same time, brain activity can be tuned to become an ideal observer of the environment, due to an organized system of rhythms. The specific physiological
functions of brain rhythms vary from the obvious to the utterly impenetrable. A simple but persuasive example is walking. Bipedal walking is a periodic series of forward falls interrupted regularly by alternate extensions of each leg. It is almost as natural to us as breathing. This effortless exercise is made possible by the predictive nature of spinal cord oscillators. On smooth terrain, the alternation of leg movements can take us any distance. Perturbation of the clocking, on the other hand, signals a change in the terrain. This general mechanism is the same in all animals, including eight-legged scorpions and centipedes.

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