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  • Издательство: Neuro-Semantic Publications
  • Год: 2004
  • ISBN: 1890001244
  • Кол-во страниц: 274
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1: Games and Great Lovers

The Games

2: The Dance of Romance
3: The Dance of Attraction
4: The Fill-Me Up Dance - Emotional Bank Account Game
5: The Self-Disclosure Game
6: The Dance ofAppreciation
7: Communicating Love Dance
8: The Dance of Getting in Sync
9: The Dance of Conscious Loving
10: The Dance of Pleasure
11: The Dance of Sexual Pleasuring
12: The Dance of Healthy Fighting
13: The Rules of the Fighting Game
14: The Dance of A Love that Heals
15: The Dance of Healing Thresholds

Theoretical Frameworks

16: Connecting - The Bonding Game
17: Centering - The Inter-Dependence Game
18: Co-Creating Responsiveness - The Responsive Game
19: Coalescing - The Merging of Worlds Game
Let the Games Begin - Summary of Games


A: NLP and Neuro-Semantics
B: From Pleasuring to De-Pleasuring
C: Frame Game Analysis

  Загрузить Hall M. Games Great Lovers Play. Mastering The Game of Love

- - - - -

Do you play the game of love? It’s your mental and emotional frames that determine your thoughts-and feelings of love, about love and loving, and about all of the facets that affect love—differences, bonding, connecting, communicating, conflicting, forgiving, caring, listening, playing, and pleasuring. Games Great Lovers Play will expose the old games that don’t work and help you learn some new ones that will powerfully enhance a loving relationship.

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