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  • Издательство: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
  • Серия: The educational psychology
  • Год: 2004
  • ISBN: 0-8058-4556-9, 0-8058-4557-7
  • Кол-во страниц: 473
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Содержание (оглавление)

I. Introduction
Beyond Cognitivism: Toward an Integrated Understanding of Intellectual Functioning and Development
David Yun Dai and Robert J. Sternberg
II. Cognition in Motivational and Affective Contexts
2 Motivational Effects on Attention, Cognition, and Performance
Carol S. Dweck, Jennifer A. Mangels, and Catherine Good
3 Role of Affect in Cognitive Processing in Academic Contexts
Elizabeth A. Linnenbrink and Paul R. Pintrich
4 Interest, a Motivational Variable That Combines Affective and Cognitive Functioning
Suzanne Hidi, K. Ann Renninger, and Andreas Krapp
III. Intelligence and Personality:From Psychometrics to Personal Dynamics
5 Cognitive, Affective, and Conative Aspects of Adult Intellect Within a Typical and Maximal Performance Framework
Phillip L. Ackerman and Ruth Kanfer
6 Traits, States, and the Trilogy of Mind: An Adaptive Perspective on Intellectual Functioning
Gerald Matthews and Moshe Zeidner
7 Integrating Emotion and Cognition:
The Role of Emotional Intelligence
Marc A. Brackett, Paulo N. Lopes, Zorana Ivcevic, John D. Mayer, and Peter Salovey
IV. Development of Intellectual Competencies
8 Affect, Self-Motivation, and Cognitive Development: A Dialectical Constructivist View
Juan Pascual-Leone and Janice Johnson
9 Dynamic Integration: Affect Optimization and Differentiation in Development
Gisela Labouvie-Vief and Maria Marquez Gonzalez
10 A Model of Domain Learning: Reinterpreting Expertise as a Multidimensional, Multistage Process
Patricia A. Alexander
11 Motivation, Emotion, and Expert Skill Acquisition
Neil Charness, Michael Tuffiash, and Tiffany Jastrzembski
V. Intellectual Functioning and Development in Social and Cultural Contexts
12 Self-Regulating Intellectual Processes and Outcomes: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Barry J. Zimmerman and Dale H. Schunk
13 When Is Good Thinking?
David Perkins and Ron Ritchhart
14 Thought and Affect in American and Chinese Learners’ Beliefs About Learning
Jin Li and Kurt W. Fischer
Epilogue: Putting It All Together: Some Concluding Thoughts
David Yun Dai
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Motivation, emotion, and cognition : integrative perspectives on intellectual development and functioning

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