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  • Издательство: Vermilion
  • Год: 2005
  • ISBN: 9189459
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Содержание (оглавление)

Negative Values
Six Value Medals
Gold Medal Values
Silver Medal Values
Steel Medal Values
Glass Medal Values
Wood Medal Values
Brass Medal Values
Value Sensitivity
Conflicts and Priorities
Value Size
Benefit and Costs
Sources of Value
The Value Triangle
The Value Map

  Загрузить De Bono E. The Six Value Medalsю The Essential Tool for Success in the 21st Century

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Analysis and judgment are no longer enough to make important corporate choices; instead, key decisions must now take values into consideration. Conflicts in the business world often arise because of a clash of values, and it is therefore essential that companies, managers, and employees all have a full understanding of the values at play. This pioneering study provides a basis for values assessment and explains how values come into all areas of business thinking, behavior, and decision-making, whether human values, organizational values, cultural values, or perceptual values. A scoring system that rates different values as strong, sound, weak, or remote helps to prioritize topics and simplifies the process of making executive decisions that count.

“Edward de Bono is a toolmaker, his tools have been fashioned for thinking, to make more of the mind.”
–Peter Gabriel

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