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  • Издательство: The MIT Press
  • Год: 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0262122337
  • Кол-во страниц: 314
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Содержание (оглавление)

Motor Primacy and the Organization of Neuronal Networks: Thinking as Internalized Movement
1 Setting Mind to Mind
2 Prediction Is the Ultimate Function of the Brain
3 The Embedding of Universals through the Embedding of Motricity
4 Nerve Cells and Their Personalities
5 Lessons from the Evolution of the Eye
6 The I of the Vortex
7 Fixed Action Patterns: Automatic Brain Modules that Make Complex Movements
8 Emotions as FAPs
9 Of Learning and Memory
10 Qualia from a Neuronal Point of View
11 Language as the Chile of Abstract Thought
12 The Collective Mind?

  Загрузить Llinas R. I of the Vortex. From Neurons to Self

- - - - -

What is it about neuroscience that graces its practitioners with humility? Rodolfo Llinas of the NYU School of Medicine continues this tradition of quietly tackling the deepest issues in I of the Vortex. This exposition on the evolution and development of consciousness is accessible and intriguing enough to interest readers more philosophically than scientifically oriented. Grounded in research, the book posits our awareness as an artifact of the cortico-thalamic binding of perceptions and movements in synchrony; Llinas uses this theory as a launching pad for more far-reaching considerations of selfhood all the more relevant for their correlation with the facts.

Charmingly illustrated with artistic and scientific images cleverly supporting the arguments, the book is a quick if challenging read, and it explains all the scientific basics for those approaching from the humanities. Synthesizing evolution, philosophy, and neuroscience is becoming an increasingly popular endeavor for introspective eggheads, and we should be grateful: the question of consciousness affects us all and touches on every other field, from theology to particle physics. I of the Vortex is a welcome contribution to the theory of mind and essential reading for the introspective. --Rob Lightner

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