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  • Издательство: Wiley
  • Год: 2005
  • ISBN: 0-470-01773-2, 978-0-470-01773-9
  • Кол-во страниц: 212
  • Загружен: 05 Jan 2010 10:17
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Содержание (оглавление)

1 Introduction
Aspects of intelligence
Intelligence quotient (IQ)
Test 1.1 IQ test
2 Specific aptitude tests
Section I Verbal aptitude
Test 2.1 Synonym test A
Test 2.2 Synonym test B
Test 2.3 Antonym test A
Test 2.4 Antonym test B
Test 2.5 Analogy test A
Test 2.6 Analogy test B
Test 2.7 Classification test
Test 2.8 Comprehension
Test 2.9 Advanced verbal test A multi-discipline
Test 2.10 Advanced verbal test B anagrams
Section II Numerical aptitude
Test 2.11 Numerical sequence test
Test 2.12 Mental arithmetic
Test 2.13 Working with numbers
Test 2.14 Advanced numerical aptitude test
Section III Technical aptitude
Test 2.15 Technical aptitude test
3 Logical reasoning
Test 3.1 Pure logic
Test 3.2 Progressive matrices test
Test 3.3 Advanced logic test
4 Creativity
Test 4.0 Creativity personality test
Section I Imagination
Test 4.1 Imaginative shapes
Test 4.2 Wild imagination
Test 4.3 Creative logic
Test 4.4 The bucket test
Section II Lateral thinking
Test 4.5 Lateral thinking test
Test 4.6 Lateral thinking exercises
Section III Problem solving
Test 4.7 Problem-solving exercises
5 Emotional intelligence
Test 5.1 Anxious or relaxed
Test 5.2 Extrovert or introvert
Test 5.3 Optimist or pessimist
Test 5.4 Self-confidence
Test 5.5 Tough or tender
6 Memory
Test 6.1 Pattern recognition A
Test 6.2 Word association
Test 6.3 Verbal dexterity and memory test anagrams
Test 6.4 Number=shape recognition
Test 6.5 Pattern recognition B
Test 6.6 Instructions
Test 6.7 Pattern recognition C
Test 6.8 Shopping list
The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests
Test 6.9 Attention to detail
Test 6.10 Memorising an address
7 Answers, explanations and assessments
8 Hints

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